About Us

Who We Are

Located in Siana, Megwara village, Masai Heritage Guesthouse tucked under the Leganishu Hill provides accommodation within a serene, quiet environment surrounded by wildlife and the Maasai community.

Our home is a 6-bedroom house (all en suite), with a spacious living room, kitchen, terrace and garden.

We host the home as Maasai Cultural Heritage, a community-based organization of women and Youth.

Our History

Our Journey Right From The Beginning!
United by the same problems, poverty, and unemployment, we formed a community-based organization called Siana Memiri Women Group and created a homestay in Oloolaimutia village which hosted 13 Maasai families and survived by entertaining and selling pieces of jewelry to tourists going to Maasai Mara
We transformed into a women and youth organization changing its name to Maasai Cultural Heritage. We started venturing into homestay accommodations, by hosting tourists in Maasai Houses (manyatta) made of cow dung and soil. Members increased to 20 women and 8 youths
We built and started Masai Heritage Guesthouse which is supposed to complement our traditional homestay by offering a modern, clean, and comfortable stay while maintaining the spirit of our tradition and hospitality.